Reveal Fitness Challenge

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What sets their 10 week program apart from every other gym… RESULTS!

This is how the 10 week program works!

–   Measuring your progress.  We use industry leading technology ( to measure and track your lean muscle and body fat.  Don’t be fooled by calipers or hand held measuring devices anymore…the InBody has a 98% correlation with Hydrostatic underwater testing.

–   Nutrition – We don’t pretend to have the silver bullet or know some secret that will get you healthly and fit overnight.  We approach nutrition just like fitness…with hard work and dedication.  We will TEACH you how to eat, not just for the 10 weeks but for the rest of your lives…and your children’s lives.

–   Strength Training – After nutrition, the most important aspect of any fitness regime.   Get your thinking away from the treadmill!  If you want to get in shape, get stronger and leaner…then strength training is where it’s at!  We focus on functional training using resistance bands, body bars and plyometric training to create the most dynamic, challenging and fun workout in the Fox River Valley!

–   Kickboxing –  You have never punched or kicked anything before?   Don’t worry, neither had most of our members when they started!   We start from the ground up teaching you the fundamentals of boxing and Mauy Thai kickboxing to deliver the highest energy and caloric burn!

More importantly our philosophy does not limit anyone by ability!  At Reveal we solely focus on you and what you can accomplish.  We focus on your results when you walk out the door, not your condition when enrolling.

Current class times offered are 5am, 6am, 9am, 4pm and 5:30pm.